Opening times- Winter season
Monday – Sunday
Lunch: 11:45 – 14:15
Dinner: 17:30 – 22:00


Schaffhauserstrasse 410
(Ecke Eisfeldstrasse 2)
8050 Zurich – Oerlikon, Switzerland

Conveniently situated in the heart of Zurich Oerlikon, just a 3-minute stroll from Oerlikon train station (Oerlikon Ost), and a mere 11 minutes from both Zurich (HB) main train station and Zurich Airport.

Welcome to a culinary haven where the enchanting aromas of North Indian cuisine come to life—welcome to our new Indian restaurant, a cherished member of a renowned chain GoldenIndia restaurants, nestled in the heart of Oerlikon, Zurich.

Indulge in the opulent flavors of North India, where our chefs skillfully blend rich spices and traditional techniques to create an authentic gastronomic experience. From the iconic butter chicken to the tantalizing kebabs, each dish tells a story of centuries-old culinary heritage, inviting you on a journey through the royal kitchens of the Mughals and the vibrant streets of Delhi.

Immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance, where contemporary design meets the warmth of Indian hospitality. Our Oerlikon establishment is more than just a restaurant; it’s a destination where the soulful beats of North Indian music accompany the symphony of spices that dance on your palate.

Whether you’re a seasoned lover of Indian cuisine or a first-time adventurer, our menu caters to all palates, offering a diverse array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights. Join us at GoldenIndia Zurich, where every meal is an exploration of the flavors that define the northern regions of India.

Embark on a culinary voyage with us, and let the magic of North Indian cuisine captivate your senses. We invite you to savor the richness and authenticity that our chain of restaurants brings to Oerlikon, adding a touch of spice to Zurich’s vibrant dining scene.